It is time for a revolution! In order for the flat to meet the needs of all the members of the household i.e. parents and two children, it was necessary to change the layout of the rooms. In this way three bedrooms instead of two have appeared. The northern part of the flat, much quieter than the southern part, has been designated for the night area and the nosier part is now the living area. The red accents: the lamp and chair in the dining room, the graphics on the wall and even the refrigerator act as a counterpoint to the classic combination of white and grey rendered warm with natural wood. It is colourful and original, and the interior feels like its owners have their own style and … great intuition! Thanks to the fact that the renovation of the flat was completed in January 2020, all the residents could enjoy comfortable conditions for remote working and learning online, when just two months later the government announced a lockdown in connection with the pandemic. The parents working in home office mode and the children using the Internet had their own space to work and learn freely.