The most important thing for the owners was that the house should emanate a cosy, family atmosphere. It should be a place where memories are created and the householders feel the warmth of the home hearth.

By dismantling the chimney standing in the middle of the ground floor and demolishing the load-bearing wall (supporting the construction of the house, of course), an open kitchen, desired by the investors, has been created, and the ground floor has become the most important space where family life takes place. Natural materials, carefully selected details and a warm colour palette play a major role in the interior. The leitmotif is wood, which creates a harmonious whole with accessories such as rattan. The carpets, blankets, pillows and the vivid glow of fire in a traditional fireplace must not be left out. It is spacious, natural and cosy. You can feel the unique atmosphere of this place right from the threshold.