Concrete and stone warmed with natural wood are the leitmotif of the whole house. The economical style of the arrangement is emphasised by the ceiling made of uncovered concrete slabs. Thanks to the large space, the interior remains spacious. The natural light coming into the house through large windows perfectly matches the subdued, natural colours. The colours of the earth, enlivened only by intense greenery, build an aura of peace and tranquillity. Simplicity, consistently maintained in all the rooms, gives way to expression only once. In one of the bathrooms, against a backdrop of deep black, unusual animals show their beauty – the dodo, bearded leopard, armoured boar, and dwarf rhinoceros – extinct species, which delight with their range of colours. The Arte Moooi “Extinct Animals” wallpaper is an element of surprise against the background of minimalist convention of the whole interior arrangement.